Chameleon comes out of hiding

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Scientists have rediscovered a chameleon suspected to have gone extinct. They found several specimen of the elusive Voeltzkow's chameleon in their natural habitat in Madagascar. This is the first time these chameleons have been seen in over a century.

The research scientists, from Germany and Madagascar, made the discovery following a targeted expedition. In a paper published in November about the sighting, they said: "Rediscoveries of 'lost' species are very important as they provide crucial data for conservation measures and also bring some hope amidst the biodiversity crisis."

Voeltzkow's chameleons are hard to find because of their very short life span, which only lasts a few months. The reptiles live in inaccessible areas along part of the Madagascan coast, and in Antrema. Madagascar suffers from slash-and-burn agriculture, but Antrema recently received protected status that could help the chameleon to continue to survive. 


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