Lewis Hamilton: Racing against racism

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Seven-time world racing champion Lewis Hamilton has committed to continuing his racing career while fighting for issues including racial equality and sustainability.

Following the death of George Floyd, Formula One introduced its We Race As One campaign, with Hamilton as figurehead. The British driver is using his public platform to push awareness of racism and climate change.

Hamilton’s victory in November’s Turkish Grand Prix made him officially the most successful racing driver in Formula One history. He described the achievement as “the pinnacle of my life so far”, before saying: “We have had this awakening this year, and people are starting to be held accountable and holding themselves accountable and realising that is not a bad thing.”

Having matched Michael Shumacher’s record of seven world championships, Hamilton told BBC he hoped his achievement “sends a message to kids that it doesn’t matter where you come from, whatever your background, it is so important to dream big.”


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