New food protein “made from air”

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A new human-made protein for use in food claims to be the world’s most sustainable protein.

Finnish start-up Solar Foods has developed a groundbreaking product called Solein. This novel protein uses carbon dioxide, hydrogen and electricity to create all the essential amino acids. The result is a light, dry powdered protein that is similar to soy and other plant-based proteins in nutritional profile.

However, unlike soy – or meat – Solein can be created virtually anywhere, as it does not require open land, irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers. Solar Foods claims the food could be made in “the desert, the Arctic or possibly even in space”, making it “the world’s most sustainable protein”.  

So far, Solar Foods has developed over 20 different food products using Solein. A new factory is in the pipeline, with plans to launch a range of foods in late 2022.

Solar Foods CEO and co-founder Dr Pasi Vainikka says: “Solar Foods’ vision is to change the way food is produced. …The world has hope. Food of the future is not a utopia – it is happening now”.


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