Women cooking for women

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In Yemen, it’s rare for women to work outside the home – and there are very few places where women can spend leisure time.

When entrepreneur Um Feras looked around her city and saw a lack of spaces for women to gather and socialise in, she opened a café.

Morning Icon welcomes women and children through its doors on a bustling street in the city of Marib. Run by an all-female team, the café challenges conservative views about women in business. It also offers customers free internet – a valuable resource in a city with limited connectivity.

Women come here to meet friends, eat, drink and relax, but it’s also a space to study and work.

Feras says she wants to lead by example, inspiring other women to set up and run businesses. Here in this small café, women are nurturing the futures of other women by making a space for them, their children and their dreams.


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