Bikes will outsell cars by 2030

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In just ten years’ time, sales of bicycles are projected to outstrip sales of passenger cars by two to one, in Europe.

The new forecast was announced by three cycling associations in December 2020. Cycling Industries Europe, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry and the European Cyclists’ Federation developed new forecasting methods that analysed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, sales trends and future government investment in cycling and the cycle network.

Analysis indicates that the recent upswing in e-bike sales will be sustained. In fact, e-bike sales are predicted to outpace conventional bike sales, growing to 17m a year by 2030. E-bike sales are set to increase by 23% in 2020 alone.

Cycling has received significant boosts from European governments, with 2,300 km of new bike lanes created this year, at a cost of Euro 1bn.


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