The Press gets it right for Elliot Page

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Almost without exception, mainstream news outlets in the US and UK have correctly reported Elliot Page’s recent announcement that he is transgender and gender non-binary.

In contrast to the media’s reporting of previous announcements by transgender celebrities, including Caitlyn Jenner five years ago, for Elliot Page there were no unnecessary references to the actor’s previous name – known as “deadnaming” and press outlets used the pronouns “he” and “they” throughout their reports.

2020 has seen transgender issues receive considerable media attention. In June, long-time feminist campaigner JK Rowling stirred up controversy about transgender rights. The LGBTQ2+ community’s responses in the debate have arguably helped raise awareness of transgender issues.

About Elliot Page’s announcement, the Transgender Journalist Association said on Twitter: “We urge journalists and media outlets to treat Elliot with respect & not deadname them” – a message the press seem to have heard.

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